Designed for use on concrete or wood balconies, decks, elevated walkways, roof-top amenity decks, and other supported structures, Dex-Guard© offers an attractive, easily maintained, modern floor finish which stands up to the elements and heavy foot traffic. Dex-Guard© offers superb waterproofing for long-term protection of the concrete and structural rebar. Highly customizable with a wide choice of colors, textures, patterns and effects, it is the perfect alternative to dated-looking tile. As a licensed general contractor, Creative Resurfacing can handle the entire project from demolition, tile removal, re-pitching, damage repair caused by leaking balconies, and installing the finished decorative surface.


  • Attractive – Modern, high-end look. No other system provides as much design flexibility. Nearly any color or pattern can be achieved. Multiple choices of textures.
  • Waterproof – Integral waterproof membrane protects rebar in concrete reducing the chance of future structural problems.
  • Crack Bridging – Buildings move with wind and temperature fluctuations. Dex-Guard© uses a latex-modified cement coating making it flexible and able to bridge cracks.
  • High-Wind / Hurricane Zones – Dex-Guard© is an applied material which will not become a dangerous projectile in high winds or hurricanes.
  • Cost Effective – The traffic surface can be re-coated and made to look like new without replacing the waterproofing membrane. Carpet and tile require expensive membrane replacement.
  • Durable – Long duration warranties are available.
  • Proven – Specified by engineers, waterproofing experts and architects across the country.

System Components

Barrier-Guard© Waterproofing Membrane
Resistite© Cementitious Polymer Cement
Clearseal 14© Clear Coat Sealer



West Palm Beach

Ft Lauderdale

Sarasota / Bradenton

Naples / Fort Myers

Tampa / Brandon

Clearwater / St. Petersburg